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On Common Ground

A key initiative of the Capital Campaign, the Vierling House will be renamed the Doctor’s House, and it will become a dynamic center where scientific exploration is examined and celebrated. Dr. Samuel Benjamin Vierling, a skilled physician, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist and veterinarian built this house in 1802 to accommodate his large family and a thriving medical practice.

Funds from the Capital Campaign will help us update and expand the stories and exhibits, which will:

– Re-examine Dr. Vierling’s role in Salem, including new information about how he practiced medicine, what types of medicines were made and dispensed in the apothecary, and their relevance today.

– Compare 18th and 19th century medical practices with those of today, helping visitors understand the direct connection between early achievements in science and the innovative research happening today.

– Expand the story of the daily life of the doctor, his wife, his 8 children and the extended family that inhabited the home.

– Combine traditional costumed interpretation, exhibits, hands-on activities, and demonstrations with interactive digital technologies to create a vibrant 21st century experience for visitors.

– Conserve the house, grounds and outlying buildings, including making the site more accessible to physically challenged visitors.

– Build an endowment to ensure the Doctor’s House will stay relevant well into the future.