Single Sisters’ House

621 S Church Street

Single Sisters House

Constructed 1786 with 1819 addition, rehabilitated 2005

No ticket required, operated by Salem Academy and College

The Single Sisters’ House is the earliest remaining building in the remarkable history of Salem Academy and College. The northern part of the building was constructed in 1785 to serve the Single Sister’s as housing and work space. The construction was delayed one year due to the brick originally prepared being used to rebuild the Salem Tavern after it was destroyed in a fire.

The Salem Female Academy had been established by the Single Sisters in 1772 using space in the now replaced Gemein Haus and this building. In 1805 a new building to the north was built for housing and additional classrooms for the boarding students. But the Single sister’s House was enlarged to the south with an addition in 1819. In 1859 the building was partially rented to the Salem Female Academy and then in 1910 it was deeded to the school. It was used by the Salem Academy and College until 1991 when it closed until the rehabilitation was completed in 2005 for its grand reopening.

A portion of the Single Sisters’ House is open daily for tours, and special tours can be arranged by Salem Academy and College.