Vierling House & Garden

463 Church Street

Vierling House & Garden tall2

Constructed 1802, restored 1980

The Vierling House will be CLOSED for rennovation starting Saturday, April 25, 2015.

The Vierling House sits on a high hill north of Home Moravian Church in Salem, at the time it was the largest private home in Salem. Dr. Samuel Benjamin Vierling lived here with his wife Martha (Miksch) Vierling and their children. Dr. Vierling trained in Berlin, and was called to Salem in 1790 to be the town’s physician. His apothecary was located inside the house.

In 1817, following Dr. Vierling’s death, Lewis David de Schweinitz moved into the house as the Administrator of Wachovia for the Moravian Church. He was a world-renown botanist who cataloged plants in the area, and is commonly referred to as the “Father of North American Mycology” for his study of fungi (such as mushrooms).

Today the Vierling House presents many experiences for visitors, from learning about early medicine in the apothecary and through exhibits, to seeing the daily domestic life of the household. The Vierling property also has a wash-bake house, the foundation of a later house inhabited by African American Christian David, and the Vierling Barn which today houses restrooms.