Executive Leadership Team

Franklin Vagnone
President & Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Buchanan
Chief Financial Officer


Advisory Leadership Team (alphabetical)

Gary Albert
Editorial Director and Adjunct Curator of Silver & Metals

Pat Albert
Director of Retail

Cheryl Harry
Manager of Human Resources

Martha Hartley
Manager of Moravian Research & Outreach

Eric Jackson
Head Gardner & Director of Landscape

Travis Jackson
Director of Facilities

Robbie King
Director of Restoration & Interpreted Environments

Robert A. Leath
Chief Curator & Vice President of Collections, Research, & Archaeology

Gary Rohrer
Manager of Information Systems

Leo Rucker
Interpreter Representative: Lead Interpreter St. Phillips African American Heritage Center

Darlee Snyder
Nat Norwood
Directors of Interpretation & Educational Programming

Terry Taylor
Director of Visitor Engagement


Board of Trustees

Mr. Mike Ernst, Chair

Mr. Hayes Wauford, Jr., Vice-Chair

Ms. Judy Lambeth, Secretary

Mr. Jerry Cook, Treasurer

Dr. Gene W. Adcock, III

Mrs. Ragan Folan

Mr. Robert E. Greene

Dr. Edward G. Hill, Jr.

Mrs. Ann A. Johnson

Mr. Will Joyner

Mr. C.T. Leinbach, III

Mrs. Molly Leight

Mr. Joseph P. Logan

Mr. William C. Mariner

Mr. James E. Martin

Ms. Erika Mielke

Mrs. Chris Minter-Dowd

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Mercier

Mrs. Paulette J. Morant

Count Christoph Nostitz

Ms. Margaret Beck Pritchard

Dr. Thomas H. Sears, Jr.

Mr. Daniel R. Taylor, Jr.

Mr. David Wharton

Mr. Fletcher Wilson

Ex-Officio Members
Ted Leinbach (Salem Congregation)
Sandra J. Doran (Salem Academy & College)