Independence Jazz Concert

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Jazz Audience

Begin your visit at the Old Salem Visitor Center (900 Old Salem Road) where you can enjoy a free orientation video and free parking.

Independence Jazz ConcertFriday, July 4, 2014
1:00pm & 2:45pmSt. Philips Heritage Center(911 South Church Street)

In celebration of freedom, come and enjoy the free flowing sounds of the Freeport Jazz Band. They offer a combination of smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, and jazz standards.  The group will perform two 45 minute sets.

Jazz finds it roots in the post Civil War and Emancipation period. With the ending of the war, instruments from army bands were accessible to the newly freed slaves. They crafted a new sound that made use of the spirituals, the plantation field hollers, work songs and African styles of music. Once former slaves were free to travel and make a living from public performances the African American heritage music spread and evolved.

Other Independence Day Celebration activities include a Naturalization Ceremony and hands-on activities through the day.

All activities are included with the purchase of an All-In-One ticket ($23) or a Two-Stop ticket ($15). Purchase a ticket online or at the Visitors Center (900 Old Salem Road). Friends of Old Salem enjoy FREE admission.

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