MESDA Furniture Seminar

Friendly Furniture: Identifying the Quaker Cabinetmakers of Early America


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MESDA Furniture SeminarMarch 24-25, 2017James A. Gray, Jr. Auditorium(900 Old Salem Road)

The MESDA Furniture Seminar continues to provide a forum at which the collector, curator, woodworker, and conservator come together to explore the subject of antique furniture through a variety of topics. Quaker connections from New England to Pennsylvania and down the Great Wagon Road into Virginia & North Carolina will be the focus of the 2017 seminar.  Speakers include Dennis Carr, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Alexandra Kirtley, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lisa Minardi, Winterthur Museum, Nick Powers, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, as well as June Lucas and Robert Leath, MESDA. Woodworking demonstrations by Ben Hobbs and Mary May will focus on the wide artistic interpretation seen in carving throughout the Quaker community of cabinetmakers from north to south.

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