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Flowers and Herbs

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  Planting a mixture of vegetables,
flowers and herbs is healthy gardening –
Encourage pollinators, foil pests, and
grow a delicious and beautiful garden.


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Excellent resource on Old Salem’s Gardens
available at Moravian Book & Gift Shop

Gardens of Salem cover 265x

Heirloom seeds & plants,
garden books, and garden décor…
at Moravian Book & Gift Shop
in Old Salem

Add old fashioned charm to your garden and help preserve biodiversity by planting heirloom seeds and plants, and then save seed for yourself and share with others.

The Garden Shop offers many of the same varieties as those found growing in Old Salem’s beautiful and productive gardens.

Arrival from Holland and in-stock now!

Heirloom Spring Flower Bulbs
~ available for fall planting ~

The finest in heirloom flower bulbs
from Van Engelen, Inc.
bulbs for 2017(PDF)


Heirloom Plants
~ offered April through September ~
Healthy, locally grown in
the Old Salem Greenhouse.
Find favorite perennial and annual
flowers, herbs, and vines.


African/American Seed Collection
~ available seasonally ~
Heirloom and open-pollinated
seed native to Africa and
traditionally associated
with African Americans.
Non-GMO vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.
Take some history home to plant!
Homowo Seed Collection(PDF)


Heirloom Seeds
~ available seasonally ~
A wide variety of open-pollinated, non-GMO
vegetable, herb, and flower seeds from
Seed Savers Exchange, Sow True Seed, and
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.
Old Salem is a contributing member of
Seed Savers Exchange.

  Moravian Book & Gift Shop
on Salem Square
614 S. Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC

Your source for heirloom plants and seeds.