Triad Business Journal: Small Batch Beer Co., Old Salem partner

On special brew from centuries-old recipe

A visit to Old Salem offers a taste of what life was like in the late 1700s, and a visit to nearby Small Batch Beer Co. this Friday will offer a taste of what the beer was like then, too.

The Winston-Salem Brewery has teamed up with Old Salem Museum & Gardens to offer a limited-edition beer that’s based on a recipe surviving from the historic community’s Single Brothers’ Brewery and Distillery, which opened in 1773.

“Among the many records about the brewery is an original beer recipe, which is housed in the Moravian Archives,” said Paula Locklair, vice president of education at Old Salem. “This is what Small Batch has worked hard to replicate. To my knowledge, no one has brewed beer from this Moravian recipe since the 19th century.”

Single Brothers’ operated from 1773 until 1813 within Old Salem at the corner of Fifth and Cherry streets, which was called Lot 93 at the time.

Hence the name for the special brew — Salem Lot 93 — which is being produced to help celebrate April at N.C. Beer Month.

The idea for attempting the beer followed a visit by Small Batch head brewmaster Jamie Mingia to an event at Old Salem last fall during which the discussion turned to brewing beer from the community’s past.

Small Batch used hops, other grains and brewing methods that were as close as possible to what Single Brothers’ would have used to create what today would be called an “Old Ale.” It has a light brown color, little carbonation and “flavor hints of caramel.”

Mingia described the beer as “full-bodied with a heavy malt backbone” with “very little hops and a strong essence of wonderful fruity esters.”

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