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View this visitor video from a past Science Alive demonstration of a fire drill

Fall 2014 Dates:

October 8

October 22

Spring 2015 Dates:

April 22

May 6


“Science never appears so beautiful as when applied to the uses of human life.”

- Thomas Jefferson


The Moravians of Salem had an advanced understanding of science and technology: agriculture, astronomy, botany, surveying, architecture and manufacturing. Science was a tool, used to solve the problems of every day life. The American scientific “can-do” spirit led to many revolutionary discoveries and inventions.


Join us for a day of hands-on science activities and demonstrations throughout the historic town of Salem. Let your students experience science with their own hands. 


Activities include:

- Learn how matter changes as metals are forged.

- Discover the design difference between a musket and a rifle.

- Explore the elements of gunpowder and the properties that make it explode.

- Tell time by using the sun.

- Identify the changes in producing lye from ashes in soap making.

- Observe how natural materials are used to dye wool, linen and cotton.

- Find out how to make a fire without using matches.

- Try your hand at some simple machines that help lift loads with ease!

- And many more hands-on activities and demonstrations!


Please call 1-800-441-5305 to make a reservation for your class today. Admission is $9.00 per student and $20 per adult (Old Salem pays for one adult per 12 students). Adult price excludes applicable 6.75% NC sales tax.

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