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Introducing Old Salem EXPLORATORIUM
Online field trip series for schools that have had to cancel due to Coronavirus

On Friday, March 13, Old Salem Museums & Gardens is launching a new online platform, OLD SALEM EXPLORATORIUM, created to serve those school students who have had to cancel their field trip to the Old Salem Historic District due to Coronavirus measures. The series of 5- to 10-minute experiences will bring the students in direct visual (but not physical!) contact with our master craftsman and educators. Hosted by Ms. Karen, Karen Walter – Director of Learning in Place, and President Frank, Frank Vagnone, President & CEO of OSMG, the episodes will allow students to get up close and personal with our craft workshops, seed-saving lab, archeology lab, gardens, Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, and behind-the-scenes collections.

We will be moving our old-fashioned chalkboard on wheels all around the district. Utilizing the new, innovative “Learning in Place” educational classroom model, school children will be able to watch and learn about not only Old Salem’s history, but also other curriculum-based concepts. Not only will recorded series episodes take place, but Karen and Frank will facilitate Facebook Live walk-arounds within the historic district.

Teacher’s resources and additional information are available from Karen Walter, Director of Learning in Place, Old Salem Museums & Gardens, kwalter@oldsalem.org.

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