Winter Fair: Seeds With Stories in the Horticulture Lab

Thursday, December 26, 2019 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Horticulture & Garden Lab

Seed Saving in the Horticulture Lab

Visit our new Horticulture and Garden Lab with Head Gardener Eric Jackson and Gardener Ellen McCullough!  Since the beginning of Old Salem Museum & Garden’s landscape and garden restoration efforts in the 1970s, the museum has utilized a research-based collection of historic plant species and varieties to recreate as accurately as possible what the gardens and landscapes of 1766-1860 Salem might have been like. This historic plant collection lives in the landscape of Old Salem and in the Horticulture Lab in the Herbst House in the form of seeds! Learn how the Old Salem horticulture team researches, acquires, grows, harvests, cleans and stores seeds. Browse seeds, resources, and try your hand at cleaning seeds. Those who visit the Horticulture Lab will receive historic seeds to grow at home.


Horticulture Lab is up one flight of steps in the Herbst House on Main Street.