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Autograph Album

Place Made:
Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
canvas –paper –watercolor –ink –cardboard
HOA 3-11/16″; WOA 5″
Accession Number:
Often filled with watercolor paintings and sentimental messages, autograph albums became popular keepsakes in the second quarter of the nineteenth century.

Small black autograph album. The cover is black over heavy cardstock with gold foliage border. The cover has been repaired, see condition description. The interior is made up of a series of pages, some with writing in ink and watercolor drawings along with blank pages. The entries listed are in sequential order from first entry to last entry as follows:

1st Entry = By J. R., which written below in pencil is John Rogers; dated July 1 1833

2nd Entry = By M. McNair

3rd Entry = By S. Foreman (possibly the Reverend Stephen Foreman, missionary to the Cherokee Nation); dated May 6th 1833

4th Entry = “Memory” with watercolor wreath of pink roses, red and blue flowers and green foliage; by L.C.K., dated 1830

5th Entry = This entry takes up three pages and is written by Catherine Clewel; dated April 2 1832

6th Entry = Written in German by Susana Elis. Kramsch; dated 1830

7th Entry = Having a watercolor drawing of a golden harp covered with pink roses and blue flowers by Louisa C. Kramsch; dated 1830

8th Entry = Having a watercolor floral bouquet at the top with a central pink rose, surrounded by blue and purple flowers by A.E. Christ, dated Dec 4th 1830

9th Entry = By Lydia Stauber but also having the name Henry Kirke at the bottom of the second page; dated March 9th 1832

10th Entry = Having a watercolor floral bouquet at the top with central pink rose with rose buds and blue flowers by Regina

11th Entry = By A.E. Lineback; dated March 19th 1832

12th Entry = By C.F. Pfohl and titled “Religion”; dated March 20th 1832

13th Entry = By M.L. Reich

14th Entry = Written in German and dated 31st Mar/May 1832

15th Entry = By Rebekah Bagge; dated March 31st 1832

16th Entry = Written in German; dated 1st April 1832

17th Entry = This entry is incomplete and only reads, “Of all the joys”

18th Entry = By S.A.W

19th Entry = By A.C.W

20th Entry = By E__C Reich

21st Entry = Written in German; dated 1st April 1832

22nd Entry = By R. Fockel (has ink discoloration on these pages)

23rd Entry = By Lisette C. Meinung; dated March 19th 1832

24th Entry = By C._ Bagge; dated April 1st 1832

25th Entry = By J. B. Adams; dated Jany. 18 1833

26th Entry = By Catherine Fuller; dated Feb. 1833

27th Entry = By Joh. Chrn. Beckler; dated 30th March 1832

28th Entry = By Christian Samuel; dated April 1st 1832

29th Entry = By Brother Hermann

30th Entry = By J.P.; dated August 10 1833

31st Entry = By F.P

32nd Entry = By Johana E. Shulz; dated March 22nd 1832

33rd Entry = Written in German; dated March 21 1832

34th Entry = By Eliza Butler (missionary to the Cherokee Nation), Haweis Cherokee Nation; dated February 23rd 1833

35th Entry = By Lucy A. Butler

36th Entry = By D.S. Buttrick

37th Entry = By C _ Buttrick

38th Entry = This entry has no signature

Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. Thomas A. Gray.