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Cake Mold

Blum, John Christian
Place Made:
Salem, North Carolina
Date Made:
LOA 4 3/4; WOA 2 1/2
Accession Number:
A star shaped wooden cake mold.
MAKER: John Christian Blum born July 17, 1784 in Bethabara. He died November 18, 1854 in Salem, North Carolina. He was the son of Jacob and Maria Elisabeth Kock Blum. He married Maria Elisabeth Transou in 1810. Together they had four children: Levi Vanniman, Maria Lavinia, Lucinda Paulina, and Edward Transou.

His trades consisted of: dyer, chairmaker, wheelwright, tavernkeeper, roadmaster, combmaker, bank agent, printer and publisher.

“Brother Blum went on to publish the first newspapers in Salem: the Gleaner, from 1829 to 1830; the Farmers’ Reporter, from 1832 to 1837; and the Carolina Gazette, from 1840 to 1842. From 1829 he also printed the popular Farmers’ and Planters’ Almanac, which continues to be published to this day as Blum’s Almanac.” (Niven, p.72)

MOLD: Cake molds such as this were used for molding springerle cakes.

Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society