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Place Made:
possibly Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
cotton –wool
WOA 61″; LOA 82″
Accession Number:
Wool coverlet with cotton warp; consisting of a checked design made up of four woven patterns. The overlaying strips of pattern are white and a redish-pink color. One pattern is white and red checkerboard with 25 red squares in each with the white lines as the grid on top. The second pattern is striped with four thin redish-pink stripes alternating with five white and red checked stripes. These two patterns are also alternating one checked, one striped.

The first underlying pattern is made up of all four colors of the coverlet (white, dark green, brown, red and pink). This pattern consists of four thin brown and redish-pink checked stripes alternating with five thicker stripes with red/pink, white and green checked design. The second underlying pattern is tiny brown and redish-pink checked. These two patterns alternate across the width of coverlet. Lengthwise the white, redish-pink checked pattern alternates with the multi-colored striped pattern and the redish-pink and white striped pattern atlernates with the redish-pink and brown checked pattern.

Woven bed coverlets of this type are often called “overshot” which consist of long threads that skip or “overshoot” the foundation. Often “spun, dyed and woven at home in designs passed down from prior generations.” (Neumann, p.314-315)
Credit Line:
Gift of Mrs. Blevins Vogler Baldwin