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Allison, Peggy
Place Made:
Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
WOA: 8 1/2″; LOA: 8 1/2″
Accession Number:
Peggy Allison (1794-1837) and her sister Adeline were sent to the Salem Girls’ Boarding School from the York District of South Carolina in 1808 by their guardian, William Smith. Their parents, Dr. John Allison and his wife Elizabeth, were both deceased. An April 9, 1809, letter to Smith from Inspector Steiner reveals, “both the Allisons make progress. Peggy more with work of hand than with study of head…Adeline nearly so too.” The inspector goes on to say that the girls have good dispositions, but miss home.

Evidence suggests that after her return to South Carolina Peggy eventually instructed girls from local academies associated with or sponsored by Bethel Presbyterian Church in the York District. The related samplers are referred to as the Bethel Group samplers.

Patricia V. Veasey, “Samplers of the Carolina Piedmont: The Presbyterian Connection and the Bethel Group”, The MESDA Journal, Vol. 31-32, No. 2, Winter 2005-Winter2006.


Presented to Abraham Gottlieb Steiner (1758-1833), Inspector of the Girls Boarding School in Salem, for his 52nd birthday. He was Inspector of the Girl’s Boarding School from October 1806 to about May of 1816.

Credit Line:
Old Salem Collection