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Hand Basin

Shop of John Holland or Heinrich Schaffner
Place Made:
Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
DIA: 19 5/16″; HOA: 7 1/8″
Accession Number:
This flat-bottomed basin has slightly bulging sides that taper toward the flat bottom, two lug handles and a double rim. It is glazed on the interior only with a brown lead glaze.
Although the colorfully slip decorated wares of the Moravian potters working in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries have become well-known, much of what was produced by Moravian potters throughout this time period was utilitarian in nature such as this hand basin.

The basin is a form that was made by several different Moravian potters for decades. This example was probably made in the shop of John Holland or Heinrich Schaffner.

John Holland (1781-1843) was a resident of Salem and was the apprentice and journeyman to Rudolph Christ (1750-1833); he also became the master potter.

Heinrich Schaffner (1798-1877) became a resident of Salem and worked for John Holland for a period of time, but left Holland and started his own pottery business (not controlled by the congregation); he later turned the business over to Daniel Krause, Salem’s last potter.

Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society