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Butner, John (attr.)
Place Made:
Bethabara North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
HOA: 14 3/4″
Accession Number:
Large earthenware storage jars such as this one were a utilitarian staple in every home. This wide mouthed example is glazed on the interior with a dark (possibly Manganese glaze) and has vertical handles that have terminals with 3 deep finger imprints on each side. The bulbous body tapers to a well-defined foot. The number “30” was incised on the bottom before firing and was probably an indication of the price of the jar. The flat rim of the jar suggests that is originally had a lid.

The handle terminal style of this jar is associated with potter John Butner (1774-1857), but the style and shape of the jar is very similar to those made by the master potter with whom he trained, Rudolph Christ. Butner apprenticed in the shop of potter Rudolph Christ between ca. 1789-1796 worked as a journeyman in the shop until 1802 and then went to serve as the master potter in Bethabara until at least ca. 1820. He died in 1857.