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Lot Bowl

Date Made:
HOA 3 1/2; DIA 6 1/2
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: A turned wooden bown encircled by a metal band. The bowl contains three pasteboard sheaths. One is blank; one says “Ya,” and one says “Nein.”
LABEL NOTES: The use of the lot was a regular religious service in the Moravian church to render the final decision on important questions. A little roll of paper enclosed in a pasteboard sheath had a “yes” inscribed upon it; another, in a precisely similar sheath had “no” written upon it, and often a third sheath contained a tiny roll with nothing inscribed upon it. Prayer was then offered for a divine decision with the definite promise to be guided by the result, whatever it might be, and then the lot was drawn. If the blank paper came forth, the subject was carefully reconsidered and submitted to the lot once more. This was the case in the selection of a site for Salem. A number were considered, and then the lot was resorted to. On the first day, a blank was drawn. On the second day, when a quite different selection of sites had been made, the present site was chosen by the lot. After 1889, there was no longer any constitutional provision for the use of the lot, although the private liberty on the subject, under the old prayerful conditions, had not been absolutely withdrawn. See WHS minutes for 26 Nov. 1897, pg 13. [Taken directly from WHS card]