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Miniature Painting of C.C. Vogler

Vogler, Elias Alexander
Place Made:
Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
ivory –cardboard –paint
WOA: 1 3/4″ ; LOA: 2 1/8″
Accession Number:
174.25 e
Miniature on ivory of a lady in a black dress. The portrait is unfinished and stuck against orginal paper used to handle work while painting. Subject is Miss C.C. Vogler. Companion to sketch #174.25 m.
Elias Alexander Vogler (1825-1878), son of silversmith John Vogler, was a talented artist himself. Elias was born in Salem but traveled to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, at the age of fourteen to study at the prestigious Moravian boys’ school, Nazareth Hall. There he perfected his drawing and painting skills. Although we do not know exactly who taught Elias Vogler the art of miniature painting, in a letter written by Francis Shober from Salem to his brother Charkes Shober (in Bethlehem,PA), Francis writes, “Louisa is getting taken in a different way (painted) by Elias Vogler who learned it under a certain person who was here.” (March 1, 1844, letter filed with Shober Papers)
Once he returned to Salem, Elias worked at various times as a silversmith, architect, sign painter, cartographer, and he owned a retail shop. The miniatures he painted survive as a testament to his skill at capturing likenesses.
Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vogler