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Huber, John
Place Made:
Northampton, Pennsylvania
Date Made:
cherry, ivory, ebony, brass, metal
LOA 64; HOA 32 1/2
Accession Number:
Pianoforte; four square legs that taper at the bottom; veneered; ebony and ivory keys; thirty-six keys; top opens and folds back to hold music; brass hinges and brass plate with the maker’s name attached above the keys.
HISTORY: The Old Salem collection includes a bill of sale listing the following entry: “To making a Forte Piano of Wild Cherry Wood L25._._.” This bill of sale accompanies a letter about the piano, from Johann Friedrich Peter in Bethlehem, PA, to Gottlieb Shober in Salem, NC, dated April 16, 1796. The Old Salem piano is also cherry, and it is assumed that the forte piano in the 1796 reference is the same as P-344.
To date there is only one other documented John Huber painoforte known and that is in the Northampton Historical Society in Easton, PA.
The first Pianoforte recorded in Salem was one that belonged to the Gemein Haus in 1790.
Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society