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Portrait of Theodore Schulz

Place Made:
Salem, North Carolina
Date Made:
c. 1835-1845
oil on canvas
Framed: HOA 37-1/4″; WOA 32-9/16″

Unframed: HOA 30″; WOA 25-1/16″

Accession Number:
Oil on canvas, three-quarter length portrait of Theodore Schultz as an older man. He wears a dark coat and waistcoat, and white cravat; having salt and pepper colored hair, blue eyes, and very thin lips; having peach skin undertones. The background is dark brown. Housed in a recessed beveled gold frame.

The painting has obviously undergone some type of restoration because there is a small label on the back, which reads: Finlayson Brothers / Boston. Mass. / Restorers of Fine Paintings / 739 Boylston Street / COPLEY 7-0066.

See 3878.1 for smaller version of painting by another artist.

Sitter: Theodore Schulz was born on December 17, 1770 in the East Prussian town, Gerdauen. His parents were Gottfried Heinrich Schulz and Anna Christina. He was raised in the Lutheran Church. On January 12, 1799 he received a call to the service of the Surinam Mission, namely to Bambey. While crossing the Atlantic, on June 18, 1799, his ship was captured by a French privateer and forced to follow it to Spain. But they were able to escape when a northeast wind arose. They landed in Philadelphia on August 6, 1799. They traveled to Bethlehem and arrived on August 10th, where he met Susanna Catharina Elizabeth Loesch. The two were married on October 6th. Together they had six children, three daughters and three sons, of whom were twin sons. On December 12, 1799 they departed for Surinam. Brother Schultz written notes regarding the Arawak language, accompanied with the notes of his predecessor, Brother Fischer, was able to complete the Arawak dictionary. By the end of 1804 he had with the assistance of God, completed the translation into the Arawak tongue all of the Apostolic epistles and also the harmony of the entire Four gospels. In 1805, he revised and enlarged the Arawak hymnbook. He worked for years on the enlargement and completion of an Arawak – German dictionary. However, in 1804 his wife became ill with violent stomach cramps and they were told they had to leave for her health reasons. They departed Surinam in October 1806. They served in the congregation in Emaus in 1809; followed by a call to serve to the congregation in Hebron in 1813; they were called in 1815 to serve the congregation in Schoeneck. They received their final congregational call on September 21, 1821 to take over the administration of the Wachovian Brethren’s possessions in North Carolin, and to assist at the holding of the gatherings in Salem.

See complete biography in file: Career of the Married Brother Theodore Schultz, died in Salem, N.C. Aug. 4th, 1850

Credit Line:
Gift of Paul and Sheila Shultz.