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Quilt made for Emma C. Fries

Fries, Lisetta
Place Made:
Salem, North Carolina
Date Made:
June 25, 1873
WOA 75″; LOA 91-1/2″
Accession Number:
A quilt made for Emma Christina Fries by her mother Lisetta Maria Vogler Fries. The quilt is divided into thirty squares by a brown and tan border with geometric and floral patterns. Inside each of the thirty squares is a geometric patten of squares and rectangles in different colored fabric, which surrounds a central rectangle that has a quote on it from either the Bible, Shakespeare, Young, Scott, Milton, Longfellow, Moore, Campbelle, or Pope. In the middle square of the far left hand column, there is the inscription “Emma C. Fries. Salem N. Carolina June 25th ‘ 73.” On the back side of the quilt is a striped fabric that alternates blue stripes with polka dots, and stripes of a floral design with orange leaves.
Descended in a family from Salem, North Carolina.

This quilt was made for Emma Christian Fries (1852-1945), daugther of Francis Levin Fries and Lisetta Maria Vogler Fries. She married Henry Theodore Bahnson (1845-1917) on April 14, 1874.

Credit Line:
Gift of Bonnie Davis Bennett in memory of: Mary Louise Haywood Davis, Louise Bahnson Haywood, and Lisetta Fries.