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Vogler, Lisetta Maria
Place Made:
Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
linen, silk
LOA 16 1/2; WOA 17 1/4
Accession Number:
The oldest of Christina Spach Vogler’s daughters, Lisetta (1820-1903), completed this sampler when she was eleven years old. While there are marked differences between this sampler and the one made by her mother in 1804, it is interesting to note the similarities. Lisetta adorned her sampler with a draped plinth with the date and her initials, and the same wreath motif used by her mother. Perhaps Lisetta was working from the same patterns used by her mother at school, but she may also have been inspired by her mother’s sampler.

DESCRIPTION: Unfinished sampler; 2 1/4 rows of the alphabet at top–done in green, pink, brown, yellow, blue; narrow pink and green floral border; motifs include: 3 wreaths with pink flowers, (largest in center), brown bowl filled with roses, assorted sprays of flowers, brown lion in lower right corner, pedestal crowned with pink flowers and bearing the initials “LMV” and date “1831.” Colors are vivid on reverse but faded on front.

RELATED NAME: Vogler, Lisetta