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LOA 37 3/8″; DOA 2 1/4″; WOA 4 5/8″
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A 6 stringed tapered box. 15 frets under the three strings on the left, none under the others. It was played lying on a table, plucked with the right hand and stopped with the left on the fretted strings only.
LABEL NOTES: Belonged to Mr. Dettmar, the last Salem gunsmith. B.J. Pfohl says Bill Powell, south of town, had one like it only rougher.
RELATED NAME: Dettmar (owner)

This 19th century scheitholt is a German folk instrument that survives even today in an adapted form as the Appalachian dulcimer. It is held across the lap or flat on a table when played. All the strings, melody and drone, are strummed together with the right hand. A wooden slide held in the left hand is used to fret the melody strings.

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Old Salem Collection