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Tile Stove

Schaffner, Heinrich
Place Made:
Salem, North Carolina
Date Made:
WOA 20
Accession Number:
Yellow tile stove; tiles are a red earthenware coated with a white slip and glazed with a yellow tinted clear glaze.
As Shaffner did not arrive in Salem until the end of the year 1833, and as the Bishop’s House (for which this stove was made) was not built until 1838, this stove must date between 1835 and 1840. Latest type of stove made in Wachovia. The acanthus leaf and “hairy paw” feet designs are characteristic of the late Neoclassical or Empire Style, which would have been going out of style by this time.

The Vogler House is beleived to have had tile stoves because of the fragments of at least two different types found in the back yard. However, it is possible that these fragments came from the earlier Anna Catherina House, which John Vogler moved in 1819 and later converted to a carriage house.

By 1840, this stove would have been burning bituminous coal imported to Salem.

Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society Collection