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Tile Stove

Place Made:
Salem, North Carolina
Date Made:
1774-1829 C.
back-glazed tile
Accession Number:
Black glazed tile stove. This card made in order to assign a number to this stove which was found unassembled. It was assembled after missing parts were made by Dr. Albright, the base of wood being modeled after the one at Bethabara church and the iron door after the two yellow tile stoves in the Wachovia Historical Society collection. Some of the individual tiles in this stove had numbers assigned by WHS. They are: T-130 Piece of stove tile, 8 1/4″ long, 7 1/2″ wide, glazed black; T-132 Piece of stove tile, 8 1/2″ long, 7 1/2″ wide, glazed black; T-123 Piece of stove tile, 11 1/4″ long, 7 /12″ wide, glazed black.
Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society Collection