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Durreschmidt, C.F.
Place Made:
Neukirchen, Germany
Date Made:
LOA 22
Accession Number:
A short treble (B-flat) trombone. The diameter of the bell is 12 cm; the diameter of the cylindrical bore is 10.1 cm; the conoidal min. is 11mm; the conoidal max is 5 cm; the conoidal lenth is 28 cm; the length of the air column is 132 cm plus conoidal.
REMARKS: Bell and slide sections possibly not by same maker. However, slide sec. of this inst. Matches slide sec. of T-109 (anonymous tenor trombone) in virtually every detail–esp. ferrules, saddle, and X’s on upper slide. Slide looks very much like Schmied: saddle and irng on bell are like Schmied, as are ferrules.

No slide stockings. Repair visible on desc. Inner slide tube, extending 14.7 from stop.

Saddle on slide bow, with zigzag pattern. Ring mounted on saddle is strip of brass 4.1mm wide; circle is 6.5mm diam.

6 ferrules on slide: 2 adjacent to immoveable stay; 2 stop moveable stay; 2 at slide bow. Ring pattern on ferrules sand slide stays.

In addition to signature (see below), garland had pattern of many flwur-de-lis, arranged in festoon pattern. At upper edge of garland is row of 18 shells. Each shell has five lobes.

One flat bell stay, engraved with ornamental design. Eyelet in bell stay, 2.2mm. Hinge pin is missing.

Bell bow has nor ferrule on neckpipe side, one ferrule on bellpipe side. Bellbow has nor ring or saddle. There is a ferrule–plain, no rings–in place of saddle. Solder shows at edges of this ferrule, apparently result of repair.

MOUTHPIECE: Possibly original.

PLAYING CHARACTERISTICS: Reasonably clear sound; slide moves well; harmonics reasonably well in tune.

Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society Collection