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Wooden Box

Place Made:
United States of America
Date Made:
poplar –iron –pine
LOA 5 3/4; WOA 3 3/4; HOA 2 1/2
Accession Number:
Bentwood oval box with removable lid: Top and bottom are held in place with iron staple-type fasteners; bads forming sides of lid and bottom are overlapping and fastened with tiny iron strips through the wood and bent on inside and out to stay in place, overlapping bands have beveled and scalloped edges.

FORM: Round and oval boxes held foodstuffs and other family necessities; these wooden boxes served almost every household need. They came in round and oval shapes and varied in size from large to very small (pill box size). The largest boxes most likely held cheese, butter or herbs. The medium-sized boxes probably held sugar, corn, rye, buckwheat and oats. The smaller boxes usually held spices or pills.

These boxes were often made by the local carpenter; they were either staved (like a barrel) or had beveled laps that were nailed together.

Credit Line:
Wachovia Historical Society Collection