Salem Saturdays in Winter

Saturday, January 12, 2019 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturdays through March 28, 2020






“Old Salem’s had something of a makeover, and it’s wonderful!”

Grab the kids and head to the NEW Old Salem for an all-day (or two-day) experience. Spend some family quality-time with us exploring all of the history within the new kid-friendly “please touch” buildings, take one of our popular “Hands-On-Workshops,” stroll Main Street, and do a bit of shopping in our fabulous “Merchants of Old Salem” (a new batch of our bespoke Salem pottery will be waiting for you).  It truly is a special time at Old Salem – just for you and your family.

Salem Saturdays in Winter

  • “Salem Sleuth.” Let the little ones enjoy Salem while they keep their eyes open in our scavenger hunt.
  • Winkler Bakery.  Saturday is bake day at Winkler Bakery and a great time to see the beehive oven in action!
  • Miksch House & Gardens. Stop in and stay a bit, find out what’s cooking, fold some clothes, and become part of the family.
  • Vogler House “Quilting Frolic.”  Unlike any other house museum, take a seat and chat while you try your hand at our group quilting party.
  • The Joiner’s Woodworking Shop. Try your hand at the lathe or the hand-plane.  This is definitely a stop for those who like to use their hands.
  • Boy’s School.  Experience the all new Cabinet of Curiosities while you listen to a selection of Moravian music.  Impromptu concerts played on our piano forte are not uncommon.
  • Vogler Gunshop. Don’t stand too close to the coals while you watch our master craftspeople prepare metalwork.
  • T. Bagge Pottery. Always an exciting time in our new workshop, get messy while you join our master craftspeople in creating our special Salem pottery.
  • T. Bagge Merchant. People come from all around to buy the unique items in our stores. We will have Saturday sales and live craftsman presentations. Take home one of our newly glazed pottery items.
  • Historic Tavern Kitchen & Barn. Experience the new tavern barn yard and join us for a special Saturday hearthside cooking day.
  • “Hidden Town” Room of Meditation & Reflection. Spend some quiet time in our room dedicated to those who were enslaved in Salem.
  • St. Philips African American Heritage Center. The entire family can learn about the African-American legacy that grew out of the Moravian town of Salem.
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. Spend some time with the family in our kid-friendly Moravian Gallery of Material Culture.
  • Single Brother’s House. Sit, lie down, open drawers, and journal in the unmarried men’s communal living quarters. See what it was like to actually live in the 1700s. Don’t miss our new “Salem Waterworks” Exhibit or our textile craftsperson working the loom.
  • Visit our new Salem Stitches workshop space.