Blue wagon tipped over in front of log house. The Old Salem Museum & Gardens logo floats on the left side.

We are very happy for our visitors to take non-flash photographs while they are enjoying the interiors of interpreted buildings as well as the historic district streetscape. To protect the quality experience for our ticketed guests, and private residents, Old Salem Museum and Gardens staff, may need to restrict the time, manner, and location of photography on Museum property at any time without advance notice.

Are you a professional photographer?

Follow these steps:

  1. Please download and read our Photography Policy (updated February 2022).
  2. Pay for your 90-minute photography session through “PAY FOR YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION NOW” button.
  3. Email Rebecca Barefoot, Visitor Engagement Manager, to confirm the date and time of your desired photography session.
  4. Bring proof of payment and a signed copy of the photography policy (print or digital) to your session.
  5. Staff monitor the historic district and grounds and will ask for your permit.
  6. PLEASE NOTE: Old Salem will not close interpretive areas for scheduled groups or to the general public during photography sessions.

Do you have an active photography permit with us?

We are phasing out our annual photography permit process. If you have an active photography permit, you may have photography sessions without making additional payment within the valid time period of your permit. Have your permit ready for staff review.

Pay for your photography session:

For additional information, please contact Rebecca Barefoot, Visitor Engagement Manager.  All photographers must read and comply with the following detailed rules and bring a copy of the photography policy with them (digital or print) on location. Violation of the rules may result in fines from the City of Winston-Salem and/or misdemeanor arrest.

Private Large group photography (family portraits, proms, weddings, holiday, etc.) by non-ticketed visitors for personal use is strongly discouraged during regular museum operating hours.

Film and Video Production location scouts and producers must contact Terry Taylor, Chief Operating Officer

Media-related Photography  is allowed with prior notification and approval from Terry Taylor, Chief Operating Officer.

Drones are not allowed on any Old Salem Museums & Gardens property (as per FAA laws)