Student Field Trip Request

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Salem School Days
Spring/Summer 2024

Welcome Teachers! Old Salem Museums & Gardens invites you submit your reservation request for Spring/Summer 2024 below!

Spring Field Trip Days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from February 7th-June 7th.

Summer Field Trip days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from June 12th-August 28th

Holiday Field Trip Days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from November 13th – December 28th. TICKET INFORMATION ABOUT HOLIDAY 2024 FEILD TRIPS COMING SOON!

Questions? Check out our FAQ for Field Trips here

School Field Trips 2024

Old Salem is happy to host your school for your next field trip! Here, your students can explore cross-curricular connections to our local history! Old Salem offers a wide variety of historical demonstrations and programs for all ages to enjoy through the preservation and interpretation of material culture, architecture, and cultural landscapes. We are here to bring to life Salem’s 18th and 19th century history outside of the classroom!

Please note that some of these programs may not be available on the day of the tour and could be supplemented with another program in another building. Your Group Tour Coordinator will inform you of changes on your day of arrival. Upon arrival the lead teacher and group leaders will receive a map, group starting point, and materials. Students will receive their orientation, then break for bathroom, and their group leader will take their students to the first destination.

Homeschool Days 2024

Old Salem is pleased to welcome homeschoolers year-round. After all, who better can appreciate the Moravian education philosophy that “all play has purpose” than our homeschooling friends! So, bring the education outside of your four walls on any of our regular days of operation, or you can take advantage of our specific Homeschool Days. Homeschool days are designed with a different flow in mind, to specifically accommodate your smaller groups. On these days, home schoolers receive the same group tours rates that larger field trip groups receive, and you can avoid the crowds of bus-driven school groups. We are here for you, to aid your exploration of all the cross-curricular connections that our local history can hold. So come see us on Homeschool Days at Old Salem! And don’t forget to pair your visit with some of our free standards-based digital content and teacher resources: For the Classroom

We are offering 3 days for homeschool families to visit Old Salem where public/private schools are not booked. These dates are February 28th, May 8th, & May 24th! For groups of 11 or less students please purchase your tickets using the links below! YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT A REQUEST FORM IF YOU HAVE 11 OR LESS STUDENTS IN YOUR GROUP! Homeschool Days are an online ticket sale only! There are limited tickets for each homeschool day, purchase yours today! We encourage homeschool groups with multiple families to purchase their tickets at their discretion as Old Salem does not offer refunds for “no-shows” in groups.

Purchase your February 28th tickets here!

Purchase your May 8th tickets here!

Purchase your May 24th tickets here!

How to Request and Book a Field Trip Reservation

Submit your request more than 60 days prior to your desired visit date. Field trips only occur on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Bookings fill quickly! The Group Tours office will not book a reservation if you ask less than 60 days before the desired visit date.

Please include several dates of interest when filling out your request. A request does not mean you have secured that date. To secure a field trip date you must complete the following, 60 days before the desired field trip date:

  1. Confirm via email with your Group Tour Coordinator: the headcount of students, teachers, and total number of parent chaperones.
  2. Sign the reservation contract created by the Group Tour Coordinator. This shows the predicted price.
  3. Return the reservation contract to the Group Tours office within 3 business days of receipt.
  4. Pay the full cost of field trip 30 days before the field trip. OLD SALEM MUSEUMS & GARDENS CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENT ON THE DAY OF YOUR TRIP!

Your date is held in earnest when you sign a reservation contract, but if payment is not received on the stated due date, then your tour will be cancelled. The Group Tours Office manages all payments.

Spring Ticket costs

  • Student tickets: $12.00
  • Additional adult tickets, included in the invoice: $26.00
  • The school receives one (1) complimentary adult ticket per 12 students. This is suggested for the teachers. Old Salem does not offer complimentary tickets to bus drivers.
  • If the school opts to not pay for parent chaperones, those parents must pay on their own, and will pay a Day of Rate of $30.00
  • A 7% sales tax for county and state will be applied to each ticket value.

Ticket Policies

  • Old Salem applies a 7% county and state sales tax to all ticket orders.
  • Old Salem gives 1 complimentary adult ticket per 12 students.
  • Additional adults outside of the required chaperone minimum must pay for their ticket. The adults can pay through the school’s contract to receive a discount.
  • Old Salem does not refund tickets for students or adult “No Shows” on the field trip day. Old Salem provides a “Student Ticket Voucher” for a student who could not attend; this voucher is valid for one year.

The Learning in Place team is thrilled for the opportunity to bring Salem’s 18th and 19th century history to life for your students! Thank you!


Still Have Questions? 

Call the Group Tours Office at 336-721-7345, visit this webpage, OR email the Group Tours Office, [email protected]

Student Group Tour Reservation Requests

Teachers must submit a formal request through this form, in order to start the processing of booking a tour. Submitting a form does not guarantee a date or reservation, that step is completed through communication with the Group Tours office, signing a contract, and receiving payment 30 days before the field trip. NOTE: OLD SALEM CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENT ON THE DAY OF YOUR TRIP! Please allow 3-5 business days for someone to reach out to you regarding your request. Requests are a first come, first served basis.

  • Please indicate the nature of your group!
  • Select the grade(s) you intend on bringing
  • Please indicate if you will be bringing an age range or multiple grades. BE SPECIFIC!
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Field Trip Request must be made 60+ days before the desired date. School tours occur only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Field Trip Request must be made 60+ days before the desired date. School tours occur only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Field Trip Request must be made 60+ days before the desired date. School tours occur only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • Group Size

    Old Salem Museums & Gardens requires a 1:12 adult to child (ages 4-18 YO) ratio. Non-compliance will cause a delay in processing. Groups larger than 12 should plan to break up into smaller units. Non-staff adult chaperones are those not employed by your organization and providing an approximate number, even if you are not including them on your invoice, helps us plan for the expected daily attendance.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
    Please give an estimated number of students planning to attend. These numbers may be updated as needed.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
    These are adults who work for your organization.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
    This number includes staff and non-staff adults planning to attend.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
    Plan to arrive at the Visitor Center at 9:15 AM for check in and orientation. Tours start at 10:00 AM. Summer Camps, please arrive to the Visitor Center at 10:00AM
  • This contact is the teacher responsible for finalizing: the headcount of students, teachers, and parent chaperones. If you are a tour company, please provide us with the teacher’s contact information and we will communicate with you both.
  • (including area code)
  • Provide the name, email, and phone contact for the Administrator, Treasurer, Tour Company that is responsible for submitting the payment to Old Salem.
  • (including area code)
  • Visiting Time

    Hours of operation are 10 am – 4 pm, W-Sat. (hours are subject to change based on special events, weather, or holiday observances). Please note: All groups with a reservation must check-in at 9:15 AM on the day of visit. Summer Camps, please check-in at 10am. Please let us know if your time of arrival is flexible to avoid any delays in the processing of your request(s).
  • :
    Plan to arrive by 9:15AM, if you cannot make this time indicate above. Orientation and check-in take time, and tours start at 10AM. Group leaders and their student groups walk on their own to the first tour location.
  • If you are eating on site, answer the above question regarding the approximate lunch time.
  • :
    Multiple schools visit Old Salem every day, it is up to the teacher to inform us in advance of your lunch time. Lunch is eaten outdoors except when there is inclement weather. Lunches may be stored in the Visitor Center or in a cooler on the bus. The picnic tables are located at the Visitor Center next to the bus parking.
  • :
    List the time your group must leave Old Salem Museum & Gardens to return to school. Tours typically last from 10AM to 2:30 PM, though Old Salem is open until 4 PM.
  • Will your students be shopping at our retail locations? Please indicate yes or no. We strongly encourage students to shop at the end of the trip at the Visitor Center before departing for home, so money & souvenirs are not lost in the historic buildings. Old Salem charges a 7% sales tax on all retail purchases.
  • Old Salem Museum & Gardens is dedicated to achieving the highest possible degree of access for all visitors. Please inform us how we can make every student’s experience engaging based on their needs! Please be specific about your student(s) needs so that we may accommodate them accordingly! Read about the Access Salem initiative:
  • Disclaimer: Winkler Bakery does not bake gluten-free breads and some foods may contain nuts. The Seed Lab has peanut plants in the Education Room.