Winter Fair Class History Seminar: Intangible Heritage: Jonkonnu, Kwanzaa and the Lovefeast

Friday, December 27, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM James A. Gray, Jr. Auditorium, Old Salem Visitor Center








Intangible Cultural Heritage: Jonkonnu, Kwanzaa, and the Lovefeast

The African Diaspora left many Africans seeking ways to connect with their cultural heritage.  Jonkonnu, a celebration created by enslaved Africans has roots that can be traced back to Jamaica and to the slave ships from West Africa.  Kwanzaa, a celebration to honor African heritage in African America culture has its roots in the black nationalist movement.   The Lovefeast, though not rooted in African tradition, afforded enslaved people of African descent a sacred space of vital engagement and exchange.

Cheryl Harry, Executive Director, Triad Cultural Arts and former Director of African American Studies at Old Salem Museums & Gardens will lead this seminar.