Moravian Sugar Cake Mix


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In 1807, Christian Winkler came to Salem as the town’s new baker.  Winkler Bakery soon became known for having the finest baked goods – from fresh breads, tea cakes and cookies, to Moravian Sugar Cake.  Our delicious sugar cake is the most beloved baked good sold at Winkler Bakery.  Guests that visit the museum and bakery for the first time seem to already know about it, even before they’ve tried it!  Now, you can bake our sugar cake at home for your family and friends.  Our mix includes flour, brown sugar, instant mashed potatoes, dry milk, yeast, salt and cinnamon and only requires you adding one cup of butter or margarine, two eggs, and one cup of warm water.  Thorough instructions are included to help you with every step of the process.  Serving this treat warm for breakfast or brunch will make your loved ones very happy!  Also perfect as an afternoon snack with coffee or tea.

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