Salem Saturdays in Summer

Every Saturday from June 24th through September 16th, 2023 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

History is alive at Old Salem. This summer is no exception.

The sun is out! Grab your family & friends and walk the sunny streets of Salem.

See garden harvesting and food preservation for the next winter. Now is the time when tools and machinery really made a difference to the residents of the town of Salem. There was too much to do and not enough of the day to complete all of the tasks – all with no air conditioning! From household implements to large-scale agricultural contraptions, take a behind the scenes look at these handy artifacts.

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During the Summer, we invite you to experience:

The Visitors Center – Enjoy the new exhibits and shop for a souvenir at Stockberger Supply.

The Frank L. Horton Museum Center (including The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts)  See objects made and used by the diverse craftspeople of the early American South, including the beautiful pieces made by the Moravians, and shop for books at F. L. Horton Bookseller that features a wide variety of books related to decorative arts of the American South.

The Gun Shop – Salem’s gunsmiths provided hunting rifles for the local community and those around. Come see the craftspeople at work in the same original space where rifles were being made historically.

St. Philips African Moravian Church  Learn about the history of North Carolina’s oldest African American church and explore our ongoing research into the lives of the free and enslaved people of African descent influential in the town of Salem.

The Blum House Joinery Workshop  See how historical woodworking was done in the town of Salem and the craftsmanship that made the Moravian trades shops famous.

Potter’s Workshop at T. Bagge   Learn about Salem’s pottery history while seeing our talented potters at work.

The Single Brothers’ House  This building was home to many of Salem’s boys and men. As a combination of a dormitory and a trades hall, it offers an intimate perspective on Moravian culture, faith, and daily life. Experience the lifestyle of a congregation community while learning about the trades, tasks, and shenanigans of many of Salem’s real historical people.

Miksch House & Garden  We are celebrating the Miksch House’s 252nd Anniversary!  Learn about early family life in Salem, with foodways demonstrations, and homemaking activities. All using that fresh springtime produce from the garden.

The Boys’ School  Children in Salem went to school just like children today. Learn about education in Salem through hands-on games and exploration. See for yourself the Moravian educational philosophy that “All play has purpose.”.

Seed Saving Lab  The gardens in Salem are always at work. Learn how gardens support the community, what seasonal garden preparation looks like, and how the seeds tell stories.

The Doctor’s House  Explore the history of Moravian medicine and examine the contributions of African and Cherokee people to the health of those in and around Salem. Corn husk dolls, Saturday baking, and Springtime tonics are all a part of this family home.

Winkler Bakery  Always a “must do,” enjoy a visit at Winkler where Sister Deb will share the bakery’s history, including the beehive oven. Our famous sugar cake, cookies, and lovefeast buns will be available for purchase (along with lot of other sweet things).

Muddy Creek Café  Soups, salads, and sandwiches make for a great lunch.