Handcrafted Salem 1766













LIMITED QUANITIES – ALL HANDCRAFTED & UNIQUE.  Old Salem master craftspeople have long been recognized for their artistry and ability to produce contemporary artifacts inspired by the Moravian originals.  These one-of-a-kind creations can be viewed and purchased in Winkler Bakery.  “Handcrafted Salem 1766” items include:

  • Pottery – Slip-decorated; Splatterwear; Table settings; Mugs, Plates; Platters, Sugar Jars; Containers
  • Leather goods – Purses; Document roll bags; Pouches
  • Hand-loomed textiles – Tea towels; Placemats; Napkins
  • Marbelized-covered journals
  • Craftsman-woven cloth tape
  • Hand-painted gourds